Ivan Ganev

Hi, I'm a JavaScript developer. I prefer to work with React js, especially with SSG Gatsby js and Grommet. I also work with Node js, and everything related to these technologies.

I am ready to work as a freelancer, write me here: iganevru@gmail.com

I prefer:

This is a list of what I prefer, but, of course, what I chose for myself does not mean that it is better for someone else.

You can find me here:

My Habr (ru lang): habr.com/ru/users/ivanganev

My works:

www.esportset.com - my main project at the moment. www.cyberset.org - russian version.

gatsby-starter-blog-grommet - a Gatsby v2 starter based on Grommet v2 UI.

apify.com/ganevru/webdesignernews-scraper - Scraper for www.webdesignernews.com, using Apify.

split-proxy - Split proxy string into protocol, ipAddress, port, login and password.

proxy-simple-test - Simple proxy testing.

proxy-turn-over - Flip ip address and login:password in proxy.

proxy-to-string - Creating a proxy string from objects.

enough-time-ago - A Node.js library for checking how much time has passed since file was modified, changed, created or accessed.


Slime Solid Theme - changed Slime theme (for VS Code).

ganevru-gatsby - repository of this site.

behance.net/IvanGanev - some infographics.